Medieval TunisiaMedieval Tunisia

Medieval Tunisia

Ben Mansour Habib

Date de parution : 12/02/2019
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Reviving and restoring to favor the medieval Tunisia in its full rights from the precious textiles domain and the activities which depend on them, this is the challenge which was taken up and largely fulfilled by this book, a result of a committed work and long term investigations conducted by Habib Ben Mansour, an international expert in the knotted and flat weavings. The title which stands out from the publications recurrent ordinary, the approach which is adopted by the author to address an often ignored, unsuspected, not to say overshadowed subject, and the achieved results, shake up astonishingly the preconceived ideas, considered for too long as an absolute and inalienable truth. Habib Ben Mansour managed not only to revive the Ifriqiyan precious fabrics and restore them in their due place which was for too long overshadowed, but also to make of this theme a framework over which he "wove" a very lively anthropological history in which prevailed magnificence and munificence.
Date de parution : 12/02/2019
ISBN : 9789938940985
Largeur : 210mm
Hauteur : 280mm
Poids : 0.500Kg
Nombre de pages : 304

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