Purple Fashion N°39 : The New York IssuePurple Fashion N°39 : The New York Issue

Purple Fashion N°39 : The New York Issue


Date de parution : 09/02/2023
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The next issue is all about New York. After a few years in Los Angeles and in Mexico City, the magazine is coming back to New York City to explore the vibrant intellectual and artistic capital of the US. New York City has historically been a magnet: the center of contemporary art and the heart of underground culture in America. The magazine will explore the city who has
always inspired Purple through its creativity, as well as generations of artists, talents, and designers attracted by its relentless energy. What's new in NYC today? What's going on now in the music scene, in the artworld, in fashion? What is the New York style today? What are the new places, faces, and designers? And who are the people that today shape the city as a progressive and creative megalopolis? What is the mythology of the city, its true spirit? What about the sexual
and queer revolution that the city ushered in since the 70s? What possibilities can New York provide for the world today?
Date de parution : 09/02/2023
ISBN : 3663322123429
Largeur : 240mm
Hauteur : 325mm
Poids : 2.300Kg
Nombre de pages : 100

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