Startup Guide AmsterdamStartup Guide Amsterdam

Startup Guide Amsterdam

Startup Guide

Date de parution : 18/06/2020
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"Amsterdam is a world leader in tech, especially when it comes to industries such as healthcare, smart agriculture and - most prominently - fintech. It ranks fourth globally in app development, hosts the world´s largest AI conference and is blessed with an extensive talent pool of tech professionals. The local government has a number of initiatives designed to connect entrepreneurs and give them the tools to grow their business, including an innovative ""startup visa."" The city has even incorporated coding programs in its school system in an effort to prepare the next generation for a high tech future. Startup Guide Amsterdam is packed full of valuable resources, insight into programs and tips for new businesses. It also features interviews with some of the founders and investors who have helped make Amsterdam one of the most well-respected startup communities in Europe."
Date de parution : 18/06/2020
ISBN : 9783947624201
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