Amsterdam - nouvelle éditionAmsterdam - nouvelle édition

Amsterdam - nouvelle édition


Date de parution : 23/09/2021
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A Paraître
Amsterdam: a city that surprises first-time travellers and longtime visitors alike. At first glance, horseshoe-shaped Amsterdam is a breeze to circumnavigate and its offerings seemingly obvious. But look closely and you´ll find hidden pockets in the maze of canals and burgeoning neighbourhoods that are a quick pedal from the city centre. This archetype of liberalism and diversity is forever reinventing itself. The Monocle Travel Guide to Amsterdam is an ode to this vibrant European metropolis, featuring all (well, as many as we could fit in) of our favourite haunts. We´ll lead you through the cobbled streets to the best independent retailers, recommend restaurants that cater for every craving and spotlight the cosiest bruine cafés for a beer or two. We´ll take you on a tour of the Dutch masters, as well as the works of subsequent generations of artists, and steer you towards a fetching mix of classical and contemporary architecture inhabiting the waterside landscape.
Date de parution : 23/09/2021
ISBN : 9783899558739
Largeur : 140mm
Hauteur : 210mm
Poids : 0Kg
Nombre de pages : 148

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