Tales of the railsTales of the rails

Tales of the rails

Adams, Nathaniel

Date de parution : 20/10/2020
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Embark on a visual journey through train travel´s rich history and embrace the sense of adventure as the world whizzes by. This non-fiction title tells tales of the rails. Featuring 13 impressive train routes from around the globe, we learn about Japan´s record-breaking Bullet train, then slow down a little to experience an overnight journey on one of Britain´s last sleeper carriages. Studying where and why these routes exist, and discovering facts about the people that keep the engines running, this fully illustrated book is a nostalgic ode to the golden age of train travel.
Date de parution : 20/10/2020
ISBN : 9783899558456
Largeur : 245mm
Hauteur : 285mm
Poids : 0.690Kg
Nombre de pages : 72

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