Two years on a bike

Doolaard, Martijn

Date de parution : 25/11/2021
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Imagine for a second: everything you own fits in a few bags, your office is a roadside bistro, and your house is a winding road that leads you from Canada to Argentina. In Two Years on a Bike, Martijn Doolaard tests the adventure. Carrying only the essentials on his bike, he explores America, from desert lands to mega-cities, and adopts a minimalist daily life as a long-term traveler. The windy coasts of California, the impenetrable jungles of Mexico, the alpine forests of Patagonia, Doolaard shares his years on one of the most magnificent roads in the world.
Date de parution : 25/11/2021
ISBN : 9783967040500
Largeur : 240mm
Hauteur : 320mm
Poids : 3.105Kg
Nombre de pages : 420

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