She rides like the windShe rides like the wind

She rides like the wind

Negrescolor, Joan

Date de parution : 25/08/2020
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It wasn´t that long ago that girls were forbidden to ride bicycles. Also, it wasn´t long ago that girls had to dress up as boys in order to stand out in society. This is the case of Alfonsina, a girl who loved to ride her bicycle, but had to fight hard for her dream. Alfonsina Strada (1891-1959) was the first woman to compete in Giro d´Italia, in 1924. The Queen of the Pedal, as she was called, is, today, a symbol of strength and resilience - which also led to her nickname devil in a dress.
Date de parution : 25/08/2020
ISBN : 9783899558531
Largeur : 215mm
Hauteur : 280mm
Poids : 0.483Kg
Nombre de pages : 48

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