Date de parution : 10/06/2021
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On August 16th, 2016 Santiago Lange amazed the sporting world when he and his teammate Cecilia Carranza won the gold medal in sailing at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. At that time he was 54 years old, it was his sixth Olympic participation and he fought against unbelievable obstacles. His victory was an incomparable demonstration of his will to fight - not even one year after he had to undergo surgery because of lung cancer. Santiago Lange gave the world of sailing an unforgettable moment of glory. But how did he manage to get back on his feet in such a short time, to train without rest and taking part at the Olympic Games again? And why did he fight when his body, friends and family thought it was time to stop? In his book, Santiago Lange recalls his sailing starts as a child on Rio de la Plata, his first starts at Olympic Games, his participation in regattas all around the world and the high class teams at the America´s Cup.
Date de parution : 10/06/2021
ISBN : 9783899550061
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Hauteur : 210mm
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Nombre de pages : 240

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