Sun and Shiro and the polka dot snake

Imai, Hiyoko

Date de parution : 12/07/2022
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A Paraître
Fresh apples, curious fruit-loving creatures, and a great friendship - this is a picture book for all tastes. Sun and his whitetailed dog, Shiro, love to explore together, spending their days savoring the beauty of the outdoors. This book follows them into the forest in search of delicious, shiny red apples that grow during the fall season. Along the way they meet a curious little creature called Polka-Dot Snake?a slithering friend who happens to love apples even more than them. The problem is, he´s eating too many of them, and too fast. At its core, Sun and Shiro and the Polka-Dot Snake is about more than apples. It is a charming tale of friendship that consequently educates young readers about healthy eating without pointing a moral finger.
Date de parution : 12/07/2022
ISBN : 9783967047097
Largeur : 150mm
Hauteur : 210mm
Poids : 0Kg
Nombre de pages : 36

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