Paradise in my HairParadise in my Hair

Paradise in my Hair

Robinson, Skye

Date de parution : 09/06/2022
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"Tima was a little girl who had beautiful and playful curls - curls she didn´t like to brush or wash. Her mother had tried to warn her: ""If you don´t wash your hair, it will attract heaps of little bugs!"" But rather than scaring little Tima, this idea delighted her! She decided to welcome all manner of friends in her tangled curls: grass blades, flowers, a ladybird, butterflies, a gecko, a yellow finch. Until, one day, an unexpected guest took it upon himself to move in his entire family up onto Tima´s head. No way! With the help of her mother, she delicately removed the abundant fauna and flora from her hair. Her garden would be a better habitat for them after all! And she finally agreed to wash her beautiful curly hair."
Date de parution : 09/06/2022
ISBN : 9782919300471
Largeur : 220mm
Hauteur : 240mm
Poids : 0.332Kg
Nombre de pages : 32

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