Living in a dream


Date de parution : 10/09/2024
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A Paraître
This collection is an inspiring celebration of boundless imagination and the transformative power of design. Artificial architecture has developed considerably in recent years, giving studios, professionals, students, and passionate enthusiasts the tools to create striking interior and exterior scenes. The limitless ability of the human imagination, coupled with powerful AI tools, has created a possibility to conceive and visualise perfectly realised worlds of dreamy beach houses, utopian skyscrapers, and whimsical interiors. Living in a Dream is a breathtaking compilation of architectural and interior wonders. This curated collection invites readers to wander through the corridors of limitless creativity, where every page unveils a new realm of aesthetic innovation. The book transcends conventional boundaries, offering a glimpse into the minds of visionary artists who have dared to dream beyond the ordinary.
Date de parution : 10/09/2024
ISBN : 9783967041590
Largeur : 225mm
Hauteur : 290mm
Poids : 1.600Kg
Nombre de pages : 256

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