The Americans - beautiful machines


Date de parution : 10/09/2024
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The automobile is, undeniably, the backbone of the last 100 years of American society. The likes of Ford, Plymouth, and Chevrolet, defined a new era for the United States, from transcontinental travel to suburban family transportation. From the mass production of the Model T all the way through to the electric age of the Tesla, the automobile has been a staple in American culture for generations. But these cars were not just practical machines. For many they projected an image of cool, represented a way of life, or was a means to make a living. The great American road trip was born behind a wheel, the Dodge Challenger ripped up the screen in Vanishing Point, and the city of Detroit rose and fell dramatically off the back of the American automobile industry. The Americans - Beautiful Machines celebrates the likes of the Mustang, Gran Torino, Corvette, and many of the other classic models that put American automobiles firmly into the 20th Century American zeitgeist. It tells the story of the most iconic cars, their makers, and their era.The book also touches upon the art deco elegance of the Cord, post war optimism, the surf and muscle era, and much more, celebrating the most emblematic, visionary, and iconic automobiles in the history of United States manufacturing.
Date de parution : 10/09/2024
ISBN : 9783967041606
Largeur : 270mm
Hauteur : 300mm
Poids : 2.380Kg
Nombre de pages : 320

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