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A complete guide on how to source and prepare essential ingredients for traditional, homemade Italian cuisine at home. The quality of Italian cuisine is based on the quality of its ingredients. For Italians, the quality of the basic ingredients in their dishes is everything. For some, it´s even as important as the air they breathe. This is why classic, homemade Italian food is incomparable to any other in the world. Its richness of taste belies its apparent simplicity, and it´s all down to the superior quality of those timeless, key elements that truly makes traditional Italian cooking so flavourful. Originale is not just another recipe book. It is, in essence, a guide. A manual on how to do it like the Italians. The dozens of inspiring recipes within these pages are built from a handful of crucial ingredients that, if sourced correctly?as detailed in this book?can transport you directly to the kitchens of Rome, Naples, or Bologna via your own plate. Originale is lovingly curated to celebrate the enduring nature of Italian cuisine, its history, and culture. Buon appetito!
Date de parution : 24/09/2024
ISBN : 9783967041507
Largeur : 225mm
Hauteur : 290mm
Poids : 1.750Kg
Nombre de pages : 288

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