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Pretty small


Date de parution : 13/10/2022
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Smart interior design makes the most of your home. The book reveals how design can deliver big comforts even in smaller spaces. As the world´s largest cities are growing denser, many people live in ever smaller flats and fully embrace the limits of a floor plan with extraordinary creativity. Pretty Small presents some of the best ways city-dwellers in the U.S., in European capitals, and in Asia have come up with to make the most of small homes. How to manage storage or how to adapt rooms for use at various times of the day are opportunities to become inventive with space. The book provides both inspiration and tips on anything from hidden-away storage compartments, ingenious bike mounts, and convertible rooms to other clever gadgets.
Date de parution : 13/10/2022
ISBN : 9783967040777
Largeur : 215mm
Hauteur : 265mm
Poids : 1.400Kg
Nombre de pages : 256

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