Slow escapesSlow escapes

Slow escapes


Date de parution : 13/10/2022
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Responsible hospitality connects to rural communities and creates lasting impression. Travel ennobles the spirit and puts away with prejudices- Oscar Wilde- Travel is evolving, ever more aware of reducing its environmental impact. The next step is a kind of experience that revives rural areas in a sustainable way. A growing number of hospitality venues use only local craftspeople, celebrate local skills and produce, and reinvigorate the land around them. Visitors here are more than guests, they are in direct contact with a whole culture and help strengthen the bonds within the community. In Slow Escapes, sustainable tourism expert Clara le Fort introduces converted monasteries, transformed windmills, and many other enchanting places around the world, that embrace slow living and breathe new life into a region. This book shows us how travel can be a saving grace for the long term. It is for everybody who wishes to be more than a mere consumer of place.
Date de parution : 13/10/2022
ISBN : 9783967040753
Largeur : 235mm
Hauteur : 295mm
Poids : 1.800Kg
Nombre de pages : 288

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