Date de parution : 21/09/2023
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Created in collaboration with Red Bull, this visually stunning book takes you on a journey through breathtaking landscapes, from iconic locations to hidden gems, and reveals the pure, contemplative beauty of snowcapped mountains.
With a mix of action-packed images featuring celebrated snow athletes and contemplative nature shots, Snow Powder captures the exhilarating marriage between space and sport. Explore the Alps, Scandinavia, North America, and Asia through their unique natural wonders, while connecting with top athletes who have conquered the world´s most challenging snowfields.
In addition to being a feast for the eyes, Snow Powder is also an inspirational guide, providing practical tips, maps, and travel information to help you plan your ultimate snowy adventure. Whether you´re a seasoned pro or a first-time snow sport enthusiast, this book will enthrall you with the thrill and beauty of winter sports.
Date de parution : 21/09/2023
ISBN : 9783967041156
Largeur : 310mm
Hauteur : 276mm
Poids : 1.975Kg
Nombre de pages : 256

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