Tasty treatsTasty treats

Tasty treats


Date de parution : 17/11/2020
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Tasty Treats invites children to cook tasty and healthy food by themselves. Imagine a tower of fluffy pancakes topped with fresh fruit, or ice cream melting on your tongue, tasting unbaked chocolate balls, and many other treats to excite a sweet tooth. Alongside savory recipes for simple sandwiches, rainbow-colored salads, a refreshing zesty lemonade, and classic childhood favorites, Piece of Cake offers a fun way to prepare and present food and become the head chef - with just a little help from the adults. As a follow-up to the successful Little Gestalten titles Easy Peasy and Let´s Play Outdoors, this book shows simple and fun ways for children to use their time creatively.
Date de parution : 17/11/2020
ISBN : 9783899551488
Largeur : 210mm
Hauteur : 260mm
Poids : 0.479Kg
Nombre de pages : 56

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