Beauty and the eastBeauty and the east

Beauty and the east


Date de parution : 13/07/2021
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"For decades, the eastern nation was seen as ""the world´s factory,"" a manufacturing giant for whom success meant importing talent from the west or simply copying it altogether. Leading architects from Europe and America reaped the benefits of the country´s rapid urbanization, where spectacular, futuristic buildings are encouraged and no expense is spared. But all of that is changing. A creative revolution is taking place that has China poised to overtake the west in terms of architecture and design. A new wave of homegrown, internationally educated talent is reimagining the possibilities for Chinese architecture, spurring a new aesthetic that links tradition and identity with China´s built environment. China Builts (working title)China is a fresh look at the architects leading the change in this fast-growing country. This book takes readers on a journey into the fascinating world of Chinese design, where the next crop of international architects is already hard at work."
Date de parution : 13/07/2021
ISBN : 9783899558722
Largeur : 240mm
Hauteur : 300mm
Poids : 1.845Kg
Nombre de pages : 320

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