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Brand new brand


Date de parution : 08/04/2021
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How can small businesses make huge impacts? If a picture speaks a thousand words, branding is the tool to shine in a sea of thousands of competitors. This title presents the best branding for small, traditional businesses from the last years. Collecting the best in class examples, it shows how well-curated, holistic branding can take a butchers, bookstore, bakery or even a physiotherapist from one of the pile to one in a million. No matter if you´re launching a new venture or giving your business a makeover, creativity is the biggest asset to do more with less and creating an everlasting imprint in the client. Small budgets, sustainable approaches, and hyperlocal inspirations are behind the most successful projects of the last years. This book is your tool to stand out.
Date de parution : 08/04/2021
ISBN : 9783967040050
Largeur : 240mm
Hauteur : 280mm
Poids : 1.631Kg
Nombre de pages : 256

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