The obsessed


Date de parution : 17/03/2022
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From Anime covered vehicles and hotrodders, to cosplayers and rockabillies, The Obsessed will introduce readers to the phenomenon of obsessive subculture enthusiasts in Japan. The book will delve into the world of Japanese subcultures and the obsessive approach that many people take to their hobbies, passions and lifestyle choices. Japanese Subcultures will contain photos and texts - such as potentially profiles, essays or features - of a diverse range of Otaku and other fans and followers of different subcultures, and will unveil what is behind these obsessions and what makes these people tick.
Date de parution : 17/03/2022
ISBN : 9783967040081
Largeur : 210mm
Hauteur : 260mm
Poids : 1.248Kg
Nombre de pages : 240

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