A spoonful of sun


Date de parution : 05/05/2022
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Life is better under the sun, and so is food. Everybody knows a Mediterranean diet is the healthiest way of eating, but how does a modern cook approach it? From her beautiful home in the heart of Provence, in the south of France, Pauline Chardin experiments with local fare, seasonal products, and flavors inspired as much by her surroundings as by her travels around the world. A self-taught cook, Pauline has an eye for beauty that translates into her effortless and nutritious recipes for the day-to-day. An invitation to living slowly, rediscovering what nature offers cyclically, and transporting it to the table with endless creativity.
Date de parution : 05/05/2022
ISBN : 9783967040364
Largeur : 245mm
Hauteur : 305mm
Poids : 1.750Kg
Nombre de pages : 256

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